Olaya specialised in project development for medium, large and mega industrial projects

Olaya specialised in project development of medium, large and mega industrial projects. The project development covers the full project lifecycle from the concept to exit where Olaya shares the risk and reward with project founders


Olaya is boutique industrial developer firm that combine industrial and investment experiences and skillsets.
Olaya is an integrated global platform for creating, enabling and investing in unique industrial projects with special focus on projects located in the countries comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council. We selectively target outperforming project and innovation opportunities that are aligned with, and add value to, state-sponsored economic transformation initiatives and strategies that are prioritized in the region.

Value creation and value protection is core to our service model and each project is integrated within this value proposition. It is within this framework that we incubate, nurture and develop projects throughout their natural lifecycle from concept through to monetization while identifying, managing and mitigating qualitative and quantitative risks against return outperformance.

Mr. Abdulaziz Alshammary founded Olaya in 2004 with an ambitious vision to act as an industrial developer and investor to create new institutional business model that capture the full value chain of any project.


Olaya specialised in medium, large and mega projects in aerospace, energy, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, metals, mining, equipment, industrial services, electronic, environmental, pharma, and agriculture sectors.


Project Development Know-How

Olaya developed institutional-based project development methodology specific for a complex project to reduce project associated risks. The methodology of Project Development is Olaya Know-How holistically covers shareholders arrangement, joint ventures, technology transfer, design package, bid package, project management, project delivery (execution), market off-take, suppliers’ arrangements, trademarks and funding.



Olaya employs a strong multi-disciplinary team of senior industrial sector specialists, engineers, lawyers, risks and finance professionals and investment bankers who are experienced in all facets of project development. We engage best-in-class advisors for delivery of specific scope of work.


Olaya provides Project Development services for the full lifecycle on a global scale. Olaya strategies and orchestrates the project development based on the project nature and degree of complexity.  



An idea is conceived with perceived value. Olaya describes the perceived value proposition in a project scope which includes a high-level project definition, the initial market, legal structures, regulatory approvals and licenses, technology and financing options, competitive advantages, indicative returns and qualitative and quantitative risk factors, the deliverables, tactical gates and critical milestones across the project lifecycle, and the governance and development framework


Proof of Concept

Olaya applies best-in-class technologies and methodologies to manage delivery an independent pre-feasibility study and subsequently, Olaya critically analyzes the veracity of the study. The pre-feasibility study is a static risk-aware study comprising benchmarked assumptions. Olaya ensures that the study explores the value proposition by assessing the likely economic viability of the project, explores potential product mixes and processes, considers possible project sizes, locations, configurations, technology requirements, preliminary equipment specifications and costs, and outlines market and pricing characteristics



The pre-feasibility study indicated potential economic viability against qualitative and quantitative risks. Olaya converts the static and risk-aware prefeasibility model into a dynamic risk-based financial model based on cutting-edge probability techniques in order to quantify uncertainty. This is developed as the living 'in-house' project model and indicates the probabilistic project value. Olaya determines the most critical and sensitive market, technical, environmental and regulatory risks, assumptions and variables which may require Olaya to further verify and validate with objective evidence. Olaya strategizes and leads negotiations with regulators, technology (and trademark) partners, offtake purchasers, distributors or agents, feedstock suppliers, downstream partners, and specialist engineering firms in order to mitigate the risks inherent within the project and further identify synergistic opportunities.



The objective of the feasibility study is to detail the project definition and project value considering the assumptions, risks, variables and the options related thereto based on the evidence presented in the preceding stage - it is a static risk- defined study comprising definitive assumptions. Its purpose is to present to funding stakeholders the definitive value proposition comprising decisions as to value creation and value protection as moderated by the anticipated risk appetite of the funding stakeholders. Olaya manage the preparetion of an objective and risk-defined feasibility study and defends the feasibility study and the decisions and assumptions therein in front of the funding stakeholders.


Project Finance

The objectives are to place the required equity and debt finance in accordance with regulatory and debt provider requirements. Olaya manages the shareholders' term sheet and leads the negotiations with strategic investors and financial institutions to achieve financial close. Olaya forms and leads consortium of best-in-class services providers including law firm, regulated financial advisor and auditor during the project finance.


Design Package

Olaya manages the preparation of project design package as basic engineering package (BEP) or front-end engineering and design package (FEED) depending on the complexity of the project definition in association of local design firm and technology licensor. This process supports regulatory approvals, funding requirements and project bidding.


Bid Package

Olaya manages the preparation of the project bid package including prequalification, invitation to bid (ITB), technical and commercial evaluation and negotiations. This process defines the project delivery and pricing models.


Project Delivery

Project delivery models such as design-bid-build (DBB), design-build (DB) or construction management are dependent on responsibility and risk allocations. Olaya as part of the owner team supervise the project delivery in association with third-party project management company (PMC).


Commercial Operation / Exit

Olaya supervise the project handover from the contractor to the project operations team when performance acceptance certificate issued.


Olaya adopts a phased stage-gate methodology to Project Development using best practices in which the development activities are tactically gated and sub-gated for GO and NO-GO authorisation. Project roadmap and phases define the critical milestones which are generally illustrated as below.

Development Capital

When project founders fund the early-stage budget to embark the project development activities leading to financial close.

Financial Close

This is when equity and debt finance is secured. Generally, equity arranged in accordance with Capital Market Authorities.

Project Award

When the project award to the main contractor which ultimately handover the project to the operation team.

Commercial Operations

It occurs when the successful commercial operations commenced.


This the final destination when Initial public offering (IPO) or secondary sale completed.


In addition to Project Development Services, Olaya provides Projects Services to clients:

[ strategy advisory ]
[ project founders arrangement ]
[ project structuring and re-structuring]
[ project assessment ]
[ market assessment ]
[ technology assessment ]
[ financial modelling & valuation ]
[ benchmarking ]
[ due diligence ]
[ pre-qualifications ]
[ bid package & bidding assistance ]
[ basic engineering package & feed ]
[ project delivery ]
[ sub-contracting ]
[ joint venture and partnership ]
[ IP and technology transfer ]
[ off take arrangement ]
[ equity finance ]
[ debt finance ]
[ local content ]
[ project management ]
[ feedstock and energy allocations ]
[ technology commercialisation "bench scale and pilot" ]
[ joint R&D ]
[ government support and subsidies negotiations ]
[ non-court dispute resolution ]
[ minority shareholders protection ]
[ independent member participation in steering committees ]
[ board advisory ]
[ shareholders representation ]
[ investors representation ]

Olaya engages best-in-class services providers and consultancy firms to provide specific deliverables for work speciality, risk allocations and compliance with applicable laws.


Olaya delivered various projects and services to major companies.


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